Max Mirani’s carry on suitcase is recommended by exclusive hotel chain publication.

New York, NY - January 16, 2013 – The Fairmont Hotel Chain, with luxury hotels around the world such as the Plaza in New York, the Savoy in London, and the Fairmont Monte Carlo, has recommended Max Mirani’s MOVE Mobile Closet as a “Smart Bag” in its 2013 summer edition, and says that it is one of six which, “…hide high-tech materials and clever design in plain sight,” making it ideal for domestic or international travel.

An in-room publication, Fairmont magazine estimates its audience to be well over 2.6 million guests around the world, and is intended for “…wealthy, on-the-go, international travelers, primarily from North America.” Fairmont magazine has also received many awards, including the grand prize for photography in the 2008 North American Travel Journalists Association.

MOVE is featured in the magazine’s Summer 2013 issue in the “Tool Kit” department, which informs travelers about new and innovative travel products in each issue.

Max Mirani’s founder and CEO, Michael Bettua, says of MOVE, “It’s not a suitcase. It’s a movement.” This stems from the number of celebrities who have become evangelists of the 4-wheeled hard-side travel bag, including singer/actor Snoop Dogg; actress and filmmaker Tiffy Diamond; and Jeremy McCoy, bass player for The Fray, though many other celebrities are picking up the torch, as exhibited by the company’s photo album from the2012 Academy Awards, where MOVE was also featured.