Max Mirani’s MOVE Carry on Suitcase Featured on Joyus


New York, NY - June 10, 2013 - Joyus, a fast-growing online video shopping website, features Max Mirani’s MOVE Mobile Closet in a glowing review, calling it, “Our CEO’s favorite luggage” in a new video from lifestyle expert Keylee Sanders. 

Joyus transforms the online shopping experience by harnessing the power of video and expert product curation.

With online reviews being so influential in consumers’ buying decisions today, being recommended by one of the Internet’s most popular new shopping sites is a great showcase for Max Mirani.

“Joyus is reinventing e-commerce with its fantastic video sales platform and product experts,” said Michael Bettua, CEO & Founder of Max Mirani. “It is a powerful combination for merchandising our innovative carry on suit case to frequent travelers.”

What makes Max Mirani’s MOVE mobile closet so useful? The carry on is a great organizer for smart travelers – everything has its place. Clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items all have their own designated compartments. There are adjustable shelves for shirts and pants and other items that would otherwise wrinkle, along with a garment section with hanging feature for suits and dresses.

“I travel constantly in my role almost literally living out of a suitcase,” said Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, CEO of Joyus.