Why hasn't someone done this before?

The idea that sparked that question three years ago is now an iconic carry on suitcase sold in nine countries and seventy-five department stores, specialty shops, top online sites, and major airlines‘ frequent flier programs.

We have a wide mix of passionate customers from every day business travelers to rock stars and Hollywood celebrities.  We’ve been featured in major media like NBC, Fox, The New York Times, Forbes, and at The Academy Awards.  We have 18 patents in several countries.

The MOVE Mobile Closet has literally changed the meaning of ‘living out of a suitcase‘ and perhaps even has brought some joy back to travel.  So much has changed about travel in the last 25 years yet luggage design had not, not since wheels were added 25 years ago.

In designing Move, we wanted the elegance and superb organization of vintage wardrobe trunks combined with the portability and lightness required today.  We did not just think about your suit, shoes or shirts in rolling box.  We tried to think of your wardrobe, your routine and your style to create a beautiful suitcase to serve as your custom closets on the road.

- Michael Bettua




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