Candis, Software Consultant

I have always had a weak spot for luggage. About two years ago I was hooked on Tumi, so I got a few of them in varying sizes. Then turned to a Rimowa phase and started the process again. I also love various traveling accessories, all of them were great... but by far my all time favorite is the MOVE. Sure I can use packable shelves as substitute, but then I wouldn't get the sleek look of this piece of art!

The MOVE also comes with a luggage bag. A very smart move to preserve the shinny hard case. With my first use of the luggage bag (because I didn't secure the cover) I ripped it apart. I was heartbroken to find out replacements were not for sale BUT the New York office mailed me a replacement free of charge! How is that for excellent customer service? Tumi and Rimowa never did that.

Thanks Max Mirani!

Melinda, Professor of Art and Archeology

My work requires me to fly internationally 75,000-100,000 miles/year and the MOVE Mobile Closet makes my travel a breeze! I always carry this on board with me, packed with everything I need. I can fit 2 weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes in this brilliantly designed suitcase. I recommend the MOVE all the time. It is truly my go-to bag!

Jace Dees, VP, Flextronics

I think your innovative design and styling of the bag are great. I get many complements in my travels for sure on the bag, and for convenience, second to none. I travel in excess of 250k+ miles a year and got rid of my Tumi and went with your solution. 2 minutes to pack and gone. Clothes stay crisp and wrinkle free.

Sherilene Bychek, Mortgage Consultant

When I first laid eyes on MOVE I couldn’t believe such a brilliant piece existed! The very first time I used MOVE we attracted many admirers and compliments; and that’s just from looking at the beautiful outer shell. You know what they say; it’s what’s inside that counts - the mobile closet concept is absolutely brilliant! And the shopping spree feature; how perfect for me! Who hasn’t bought first and worried about packing later? With my MOVE I no longer have to struggle to get my case closed…….. sometimes a girl just has to shop! Thanks Max Mirani!

Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion, Singer/Actor


Dude, that's cool man.

Katrina & Karena, Founders of Tone It Up

Before MOVE, we dragged roller bags and duffles full of chaos. As frequent travelers, we love our MOVE mobile closets because they allow us to ‘get in and out’ quickly without the clutter. We love how smoothly they glide through the airport and fit easily in the overhead. Plus, they look sleek and sexy.

Gary Harris, Sales Manager, Splunk

Love my new Max Mirani… Used it for a trip to New York and it worked out perfectly. I even pulled a “superman” in the airport bathroom hanging it up on the stall door. Awesome!!

Jeremy Mccoy, The Fray

As a professional Bass player, I spend many of my days traveling. When I am touring with bands such as OneRepublic, Kelly Clarkson, Matt Kearney and The Fray, a great suitcase is key to keeping my life organized. I love the MOVE with all its compartments, the design is brilliant. The hard shell allows me to keep sensitive gear and electronics safe and the wheels are simply amazing. It is by far the best suitcase to race through an airport with.

Isabel Adrian, Model

Packing is so much easier with my mobile closet.

    Cathy, Medical Doctor

    I recently took a two week trip using my mobile closet as the only suitcase. I traveled with a girlfriend, who was returning home after one week. She came with an oversized, overweight bag. As we got ready each day, she would repeatedly look at me with jaw-dropping astonishment. ‘I can’t BELIEVE you were able to get all those clothes in that little bag!’ Not only was I able to get it all in, it was extremely organized and completely accessorized. This bag is unparalleled in its field. I recommend it highly!