Candis, Software Consultant

I have always had a weak spot for luggage. About two years ago I was hooked on Tumi, so I got a few of them in varying sizes. Then turned to a Rimowa phase and started the process again. I also love various traveling accessories, all of them were great... but by far my all time favorite is the MOVE. Sure I can use packable shelves as substitute, but then I wouldn't get the sleek look of this piece of art!

The MOVE also comes with a luggage bag. A very smart move to preserve the shinny hard case. With my first use of the luggage bag (because I didn't secure the cover) I ripped it apart. I was heartbroken to find out replacements were not for sale BUT the New York office mailed me a replacement free of charge! How is that for excellent customer service? Tumi and Rimowa never did that.

Thanks Max Mirani!