Mary Birdsong, Actress, The Descendants

That mobile closet (aka “suitcase”) is the BEST DAMN SUITCASE EVER!!! I guard it like it’s lined w/diamonds!

Gavin Keilly, CEO of GBK Productions Hollywood


Our Oscar event attracts the most high-profile celebrities and entertainment industry executives and media in search of the latest in innovative and stylish products. We selected Max Mirani’s MOVE suitcase because it’s a game-changer in the way people travel.

Pat O'Brien, TV/Radio Host (Fox, CBS, NBC)

The MOVE suitcase was literally built for travelers like me. I make a lot of LA-NY trips and many, many short trips. But my problem is that I like to have wardrobe choices on the road. I also loath waiting for my bag at the end of a flight. The MOVE takes care of both my problems: I’m able to pack what I want and it all fits perfectly…and most importantly, MOVE fits right above my seat. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to travel.

Sam Betesh, Producer, Fox Sports

My girlfriend and I traveled with our matching MOVE suitcases, mine in jet black, hers in the sleek red finish. Heads were turning at LAX from the moment we hopped out at the curb. We would love to take credit for the gawking but we had to admit it was the MOVE; especially when travelers at security asked us how we got “all of that” into that little bag.  The comfortable expandable handle and swivel wheels make the MOVE the easiest suitcase to maneuver. And once you’re there, just zip it out and hang it up.

Beth Greenfield, Forbes Magazine

The Mobile Closet’s design is just really…seductive. I loved being able to live out of the bag without the contents becoming a jumbled disaster. One of the best parts is that each item has its own compartment (shoes in the shoe bag, clothing in the fold-out clothing pocket, socks and undergarments in each section, products in the toiletry bag, etc). Plus…the organized interior zips out and becomes a lightweight tote, leaving you the empty interior to go hog wild with (an especially great option if you will be coming home with more than you set out with).

Terri Jones, Frequent Traveler

Beyond the best luggage ever for frequent travelers! I have just completed my first three trips with the MOVE Mobile Closet. Easily fit 5 days worth of clothes in it. Great space, very easy to roll, fits in the overhead compartment. It is a must-have for a frequent business traveler and an excellent choice to keep you organized on your pleasure trips.

Michael Nachshen, Manager, Raytheon

Took my first biz trip with Move Mobile Closet. Talk about a home run! I have no idea how they do it, but Max Mirani has solved the problem of fitting 10lbs of “stuff” in a 5 lb bag. : ) The bag fit easily in the overhead compartment of my plane, and was easy to wheel through the dfw airport during my layover. At my hotel, the bag had all my stuff organized so I didn’t need to unpack, which was nice because I had to change rooms after the 2nd day.