Our Story

Max Mirani Lifestyle

Max Mirani started with one goal:  to redefine mobility for today's busy jet set by bringing back the elegance and excitement of travel to every trip.  Our customers are a passionate group of business travelers, professionals, Hollywood celebrities and rock stars.  And while their professions and personalities vary widely, they all have one thing in common: a determination to travel simply and stylishly.  

Based in New York City, Max Mirani designs, manufactures and distributes our own products with passionate attention to every step and detail in the process.  And by selling to you exclusively online, with no middlemen or retail store markups, we're able to deliver the finest in luxury travel products at the best price.

In 2014, we launched two design collaborations: one with Vespa, one of the most legendary and iconic mobility brands, and the other with L.A.'s hottest luxury closet designer, Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design.